/Avedis Recovery works within an umbrella of collaborative services. Although many treatment centers do focus on holistic practices, we here at Avedis pay attention to specific areas in which shed light on our 12-step recovery model. We are committed to remaining open to exploring other healing methodologies that fit our clients as well. In this, we attend to clients primarily based on their motivation.

Motivation & the 12 Steps

One of the most difficult areas of recovery is to empower one’s motivation, as it is the single transporter towards any further treatment. We value the importance of orientation through the model of psycho-education, preparation of one’s internal discomfort, and separating the impulsivity of flight mechanisms between the true individual within. As we are granted a client’s dedication, we then set up the client for a journey towards steps 2 and 3, which revolves around finding a higher power.

Creating Space for Your Higher Power

The importance here is to find their own higher power, so how do we create the space for this to happen with so many behavioral and cognitive factors trying to capture the individual towards their escape mechanism?

  • Audio therapy
  • Individual counseling
  • Group therapy
  • Collectively learning new strategies/practices/approaches
  • Podcasts (inner peace, a quiet mind, a place to find a higher power)
  • A staff that genuinely shows care and will negotiate and compromise with clients

Our main goal at Avedis is to help people create a new relationship with the “self.”

Our Mission at Avedis Recovery

Here at Avedis Recovery, we are also not afraid to discuss the declining damage of the field itself. As the Program/Clinical Director, I uphold very deep conversations with our clients and staff on this topic. Whether it is right from our initial orientation to all discussions along the way, we do not disregard the growing, unplanned consequence of recovery in our culture becoming an addiction itself. We are transparent to our clients about how the insurance process works, the difficulty in combining healing with the capitalist business element, and everything in between. Our clients seem to give great feedback on how honest and transparent we are, and one of the differences with Avedis is that this proves we must consider every aspect of the recovery world first, dissect it, then are we able to take the best parts of it for healing to begin.

Our Staff Makes the Difference

The staff at Avedis (management especially) are also one in which I have never experienced working in about seven treatment facilities during my career. The leaders are my former colleagues; we started in treatment six years ago at Muse Treatment, and through ups and downs, we continue to stay together and grow. I have never seen a team of leaders as committed to perpetual growth, especially in a field of high attrition and burnout. We are able to demonstrate to the clients the power of connection as a single, required element to true healing. We will explore the following concepts:

  • Compromise
  • Self-love
  • Selfishness and self-preservation
  • Gratitude

Literally a week before writing this, we had a situation where gratitude became habituated and desensitized again due to human nature. It fell into the trap of what I have noticed in my life, others, and especially in my work in couple’s therapy: Relationships decline when gifts turn into expectations. There were powerful words exchanged from myself and a few leaders, one of which is my closest partner and longest coworker (from Muse).

A couple of days went by, filled with anxiety and stress. The outcome was a closer connection, a truth from the manager in saying I helped him understand his character defect, and we became closer than we have been in the six years of friendship. Gratitude was re-energized to even a higher level than ever before. Again, I can proudly say this is what makes Avedis Family different from others and believe many (especially in the workplace) cannot experience this process for this long.

Avedis Detox & Recovery: Above & Beyond Addiction Treatment

Finally, here at Avedis, we do not stop with a client’s drug/alcohol intake itself as a behavior. We are courageous enough to explore how our culture is turning us into addicts as well, and how we can find a healthy balance to live through the world with the maximum level of addictive traits while having the world consistently remind us of it at the same time. There is a philosophy that I promote in my work as a therapist, director, and implementation of its existence as a topic within Avedis Recovery’s clinical program of quality and transparency. You cannot isolate addiction to a small space if one is to understand this is a lifelong disease. In addition to it holding elements of human nature, a global culture, and literally in front of us in every single thing we do (take a look at your cell phone, that’s enough of a hint).

These are a few areas in which can be listed. In attempts to eliminate ownership bias, there has been feedback directly from clients quite often on their experience with Avedis Recovery as being different from other treatment centers from what was mentioned above. After this, add: We are not afraid to even show that recovery in our culture has now become an addiction. We strive to extract motivation from our clients on an intrinsic level, not just on the surface and/or being in treatment for different agendas. We know that we are struggling with a system that does not support clients in the long term, although the science and explanations on long-term recovery prove it to be a necessity. Here at Avedis Recovery, we put everything on the table in order to treat our clients on all aspects of recovery, not just as an organization. You cannot put the puzzle together unless you have all the pieces!